PharmD Money

Ep 46: Overcoming Retirement Frugality

February 01, 2022 Derek Delaney
PharmD Money
Ep 46: Overcoming Retirement Frugality
Show Notes

Retirement is an exciting time for many. Especially those who have been looking forward to their golden years for quite some time. Unfortunate for some, the happy and fulfilling retirement fantasy doesn't always materialize into reality. A big reason for this is unintended frugality.

Being cautious with your spending in retirement is a valuable. But taking it to the extreme can be a big determent. It can also be a habit that is extremely hard to overcome. If you've been frugal your entire life, it's going to be difficult to loosen those reigns in retirement, even if you can financially afford to. 

That is why in this episode Derek goes through a few of his tips he's used with his retiree clients who have found themselves in this same situation.

Tip # 1: Revisit Your Core Values
Tip # 2: Match Expenses With Your Income Sources
Tip # 3: Hire A Professional
Tip # 4: Take Micro Actions And Continuously Evaluate 

Enjoy The Show!

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