PharmD Money

Ep 51: Investment Management In Retirement

March 08, 2022 Derek Delaney
PharmD Money
Ep 51: Investment Management In Retirement
Show Notes

Investment management is a straight forward concept for many people in the accumulation stage. Take money from your paycheck and stick it into your 401(k). Make sure your 401(k) is diversified and let the power of compounding do its magic in your favor.

However, retirement is a completely different game. Gone are the days of saving and accumulating. Instead, you are now tasked with managing your investment portfolio in a way that aligns with your new stage of life. 

This can be a stressful and overwhelming job for many new retirees. That is why in the podcast episode, Derek will explain what considerations new retirees need to have when it comes to investment management and how these new considerations are very different than what they have experienced as accumulators. 

Topics discussed include:

- Not getting overly conservative
- Investment management aligning with your retirement withdraw strategy
- The power of diversification
- Tax considerations on top of investment management decisions
- Your safety bucket of money

Enjoy the show!

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